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Arizona Diamondbacks Rolled in Marquis Debut

By Scott Allen

So THIS is what we got Jason Marquis for?  The Arizona Diamondbacks went out to get the guy from the Washington Nationals who supposedly shuts down the San Francisco Giants.  Instead, the Giants went out and had batting practice against him and defeated the Dbacks 8-1 on Thursday.

Ok, I’ll give him a mulligan in this well-hyped start.  I’ll also give a mulligan to reliever Brad Ziegler, picked up from the Oakland A’s on Sunday.  All he did was give up a double in the gap on his first Dbacks pitch, tacking two more runs on Marquis’s resume.

All in all, you can’t be too disappointed how this game and this road trip ended though.  They take two of three in San Francisco and two of three in each of the other two series on the trip to go 6-3 overall.  Works for me.

The loss leaves the Dbacks just one game out of first.  They are two and half out of the wild card, behind the Atlanta Braves.  Now there are 50 games left.  Between the Giants, Dbacks, and Braves, most likely two of those three are getting in.  Dbacks still have six against the Giants and three against the Braves.  Game on.