Diamondbacks News

Give Marquis and Ziegler Each a Mulligan

By Scott Allen

Let’s be honest, it was a pretty big stage for newly acquired Arizona Diamondbacks Jason Marquis and Brad Zielger.  Now, neither one came out guns blazing on Wednesday in their Dbacks debuts, however, let’s not forget this was the San Francisco Giants they were facing.  Granted, not the best offense in the world, but after getting beat pretty handily in the first two games of this series and after all, they ARE the defending World Series Champs, you had to know a game like this was coming, no matter who was thrown out on the mound today.

Marquis was picked up because of his lifetime 2.36 ERA against the Giants.  He usually pitches well against all west coast teams.  One game is an aberration.  Marquis has pitched pretty well this season.  That was only his sixth loss, which is three less than Tim Lincecum.  granted, you hope a guy like that could overcome the issues that you face on a big stage because let’s face it, the Dbacks got him so they could make it to the big stage of the playoffs.  I will save judgement for at least another start or two.

As for Ziegler, hey, he’s not unlike every other Dbacks reliever who has been touched up by the Giants at some time or another.  He is another guy I need to see more of.  I say give him a couple of more chances before we all vilify him.  After that, all bets are off.  Let’s remember the Dbacks gave up very little get Marquis and did give up Brandon Allen for Ziegler, but Allen was struggling in a position just waiting for the next guy to fill.