Diamondbacks News

Pray for No Diamondbacks Market Correction

By Scott Allen

There have been some nice stories in Major League Baseball this season.  The Cleveland Indians hot start.  The rise of the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Of course then there are the Arizona Diamondbacks.  The Indians have seemed to maintain even after “correcting” to within a game of .500.  The Pirates made a valiant run in July, but have since seen a market “correction” to two games under .500 and seven games back of the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Diamondbacks have maintained, but have yet to realize a similar market correction.  All signs point to the Dbacks staying put in the race.  Simply put, they have better players than the Pirates.  The Indians are in a more competitive division.

However, the Dbacks still have to contend with the defending World Series Champs and nothing trumps that.  They are champs until someone else takes the trophy in October.  The Dbacks proved this week that they are in the race for the long haul, at least that’s the way it appears right now.  All that could change in a heartbeat though if the Houston Astros come into town next week and do the to Dbacks what the Chicago Cubs did to the Pirates this week.  I wouldn’t count on it.