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Dbacks Can’t Rely on Pitchers to Get the Big Hits

By Scott Allen

Over the last three losses, the majority of the offense has come from the nine hole, the pitcher’s spot.  On Wednesday against the San Francisco Giants, the Dbacks only RBI came off the bat of relief pitcher Zach Duke.  Tonight, the Dbacks only managed seven hits, two of them off the bat of pitcher Joe Saunders.  The first hit resulted in the first two RBI.  The Dbacks only scored three runs Saturday night.

If that is not a telling story of how much the offense is sputtering, I don’t know what it.  There is just no excuse to only get one run and five hits outside of the pitchers position, especially a team in your rear view mirror like the Los Angeles Dodgers and from a rookie nonetheless.  A rookie making his MLB debut!

It’s nice to see pitchers helping themselves out in ballgames.  I’m all for it.  However, they should not be the ones relied upon to create the offense.  They are supposed to be a nice addition to the offense, not be the offense.  Let’s start getting those bats going boys.