Diamondbacks News

No One Wants to Win the West

By Scott Allen

Could it really be like this over the next 50 days?  Neither the Arizona Diamondbacks or the San Francisco Giants want to win the National League West apparently.  The Dbacks got worked over the coals tonight by baseball’s worst team, the Houston Astros 9-1.  The Giants meanwhile, are well on their way to losing to the Pittsburgh Pirates at home, a team that has lost 10 in a row.

So, what gives?  Since a 6-3 road trip, the Dbacks have come home and lost three of four to start a homestand that has supposedly seen the Dbacks play the lesser competition of the stand.  Don’t tell that to the Los Angeles Dodgers or the Astros.  The way things are going, it could be a fight for .500 AND the division come last week of September.

I think the big issue as far as the Dbacks are concerned is that they can’t decide if they want in the race or out.  They say yes with the trades for Jason Marquis and Brad Ziegler, but then say no by continuing to throw guys like Cody Ransom, Collin Cowgill, and Sean Burroughs out there.  The roster looks more like the Reno Aces right now than that Arizona Diamondbacks.

Forget the attendance issues.  If the Dbacks need their fans to come out and make noise in order to win, they have bigger issues.  Obviously the attendance is disappointing.  I think I counted 18 fans out there tonight.  However, you aren’t going to get more rears in the seats if you can’t beat the lowly Astros.  Somewhere the Colorado Rockies are gearing up for September again.