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Dbacks Attendance Disappointing but Not Reason For Losses

By Scott Allen

We all know Arizona Diamondbacks fans sit on their hands a lot during games, part of that is there not much to cheer about at times.  However, recently, it has been highlighted that the bodies aren’t even there, quiet or not.  It is disappointing to see the Dbacks with an average attendance lower than last year.  They are averaging 24,167 fans so far this season.  Last night they only attracted 17,448.  Last season when the team was losing much more often, the final average was 25,391.

It has been suggested that the Dbacks are not winning due to lack of fan support.  Look, sure it is disappointing, however, if the Dbacks are going to blame losses on lack of fan support, which they are not doing, it seems as if the media is guessing that could be an issue, then there are bigger issues to tackle.

When a team inexplicably starts losing to teams behind them in the standings, it naturally raises questions.  I get that part.  A team should not find its fuel from the fans though.  Yes, it helps when the atmosphere is electric, but to lose a game because there are fewer fans in the seats?  C’mon.

So why aren’t people coming?  Some blame the economy.  I talked about this the other day, but I think sometimes the economy can be a cop-out excuse.  We are ALL in a down economy, not just Phoenix.  One of the hardest hit cities in this nation, Detroit, manages to attract an average of 30,621 this season to Detroit Tigers game.  Their economy is in the dumps.  Fact is, there may just not be the fan support there used to be.  People have not taken the time to get to know the current roster.  There are also a lot of people from other cities here who apparently like to live here but left their hearts in another city.  A team should have heart in the stands.  If that heart is missing, there is no blood supply.  The fans are that blood supply.  However, the Dbacks team has heart and talent, so lack of attendance should not be the reason they are losing.