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Jason Marquis Gets Another Shot Tonight Against Houston

By Scott Allen

Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Jason Marquis will get another shot tonight to prove he was worth the time and money to go after as the Dbacks make a run at the National League West title.  He will face a Houston Astros team that just destroyed them last night 9-1.  The Dbacks still have three games to win this series but all that has to start tonight.

Marquis was pretty much lit up like a Christmas Tree in January after only going four innings in his Dbacks debut against the San Francisco Giants last Wednesday afternoon.  It wasn’t the debut that fans nor Marquis for the matter expected.  Tonight he gets his first shot in front of the hometown fans, if there are any there to watch it.  If last night was any indication, I might have a whole section to myself tonight.

Marquis doesn’t need to be perfect.  He doesn’t need to shut the Astros out, although it would be nice.  What the Dbacks need is a starter who can give them at least seven good innings after starter Daniel Hudson only went three innings last night.  For Marquis, it is important for him to pitch well for himself, for the Dbacks, and the sanity of fans.

If Marquis can’t get the job done tonight, I can guarantee you fans will be calling for his removal from the roster.  If the Dbacks were comfortably up on the Giants in the standings, which, if they were playing half-way decent right now they would be, I think it’s a different situation.  Right now, the Dbacks can ill afford another meltdown.