Diamondbacks News

Dbacks Fans Make the Effort Saturday Night

By Scott Allen

Last night the Arizona Diamondbacks saw 33,552 fans come to Chase Field to watch a baseball game against the New York Mets.  Well, ok, maybe 25,000-30,000 came to watch a baseball game.  The others were either dragged or there for a social event.  Even 33,000 fans can be quiet at times and still need the PA announcer to tell them when to make noise.  Still, it was a nice thing to see the Dbacks fill Chase at almost 70% capacity Saturday night.

Now, I don’t know if they counted the dogs that were allowed into the game last night or not, so we’ll never know if there were truly that many people there.  Ok, seriously, it was a nice thing to see as I was one of those there.  Even the Mets fans I sat around were very nice people.  We chatted it up.

There was a family from New York visiting who sat right in front of us.  They wanted to know if it was usually that quiet at Dbacks games and wanted to know if the crowds were typically that big.  First I told them that sometimes the crowd does sit on its hands and keeps their mouths shut.  That is sometimes a by-product though of who is at the game, not necessarily of what is taking place on the field. As far as the crowd size, well, last night was more the exception rather than the rule.  Hopefully it becomes the rule down the stretch.  This is going to go down to wire.

For what it’s worth though, it was great to see everyone out at the game last night!  Keep it up! Go Dbacks!