Diamondbacks News

Dbacks Look for Series Sweep

By Scott Allen

It’s time for a little payback.  After the New York Mets swept the Arizona Diamondbacks in New York back in April, clearly most Dbacks fans felt the results should have been the other way around given the make up of both teams at the time. Now, the Dbacks have the chance to sweep the Mets this afternoon and based on the current teams make ups, that should be the expected.  Don’t count out the pesky Mets offense though.

The Mets can still hit the ball and after all, Jason Marquis is going to the mound for the Dbacks today.  Marquis has been anything but a shutdown pitcher since coming over from the Washington Nationals two weeks ago.  In two starts, Marquis is 0-2, pitched only eight innings, and given up 15 runs, 12 of them earned.  Last time I checked, that wasn’t very good.

The Mets will counter with former Dbacks pitcher Chris Capuano.  Capuano definitely has the ability to keep this series from being a sweep.  Marquis will allow his hits and most likely a few runs, so the Dbacks offense will need to be on its toes on Sunday afternoon against Capuano to match whatever Marquis has given up and more. First pitch 1:10pm.