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Third Quarter Dbacks Review: Daniel Hudson

By Scott Allen

With now just under 40 games left in the regular season, we are in the home stretch, the final quarter of the 2011 season. It is time to review the current Arizona Diamondbacks roster to look at what they’ve accomplished, where they are now, and what they can provide, if anything, in the final six-plus weeks of the National League West pennant race. Next up: Daniel Hudson

What he’s accomplished: 12-8, 3.76 ERA. 165.1 IP

What he’s doing now: The second starter in the rotation.  Pitched well in his last outing last Sunday but has scuffled a bit as of late.

What he means to the Dbacks run to the pennant: Without question, a steal in last year’s Edwin Jackson trade.  He’s has been great for the most part.  He is the number two starter and will need to act like it in every start until the end of the season.  The Dbacks need him no doubt