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Third Quarter Dbacks Review: Sean Burroughs

By Scott Allen

With now just under 40 games left in the regular season, we are in the home stretch, the final quarter of the 2011 season. It is time to review the current Arizona Diamondbacks roster to look at what they’ve accomplished, where they are now, and what they can provide, if anything, in the final six-plus weeks of the National League West pennant race. Next up: Sean Burroughs

What he’s accomplished: Nothing.  Well, he has a place to sleep this season.  Somewhere other than next to a garbage bin behind a Las Vegas strip club.  I guess that’s something.

What he’s doing now: What he started with is what he’s doing now, again, nothing.  I’m still trying to figure out why he has a roster spot.

What he means to the Dbacks run to the pennant: A veteran presence, but little else.  I’m not saying he can’t do anything, but as of right now he has done nothing to prove he is going to be a valuable piece to the puzzle in the end.