Diamondbacks News

Same Dbacks, Different Day

By Scott Allen

Sean Burroughs.  Can’t hit.  Collin Cowgill.  Can’t hit.  Cody Ransom.  Can’t hit.  Chris Young.  Can’t hit. Kelly Johnson.  Can’t hit.  Paul Goldschmidt.  Will hit some day, can’t hit now. Sound familiar?  The highest batting average of the people I just named is Goldschmidt at .233.  There folks, is just some of the guys in your lineup this evening trying to snap a five game losing streak that just became six thanks to a 4-1 loss to the Washington Nationals.

Just no hitting.  I don’t see much pressing, although that’s the stance many guys will take.  I just see bad baseball.  Swinging at bad pitches, taking good ones.  Now the Dbacks have been outscored 32-10 on the trip.  Just 10 runs in seven games.  Even the San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants are laughing at the Dbacks right now.  They have to be.

Starting pitcher Joe Saunders is also hit the dumps too over the past four starts.  He didn’t pitch horrible tonight, just not good enough.  Four runs and six hits in just six innings.  When your offense is struggling, just not good enough.  Now, this will be a losing trip no matter what happens the last three games.  Do you even see one win in the next three?  I don’t, unless something changes, like STOP putting Burroughs, Cowgill, and Ransom into games.  How do Cowgill and Ransom get to be outs in the ninth inning tonight?  It’s like even manager Kirk Gibson is giving up.  That can be the only explanation for not putting Gerardo Parra and Miguel Montero out there for pinch hitting in the ninth tonight.  Ridiculous.