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Dbacks Aaron Hill Reminds Me of….Kelly Johnson

By Scott Allen

No surprise here, but when I saw the Arizona Diamondbacks traded for the Toronto Blue Jays Aaron Hill, I at first figure good move.  Then I looked at the numbers and wondered why they were trading Kelly Johnson for a guy like that this late in the season.  AaRon Hill IS Kelly Johnson.

Granted, the Dbacks should have done something to rock a boat close to the edge of the waterfall, but I think I’d rather have Jonah Hill rather than Aaron Hill.  I mean, no offense to Hill.  No really, I mean that no offense for Hill.  He’s 1-8 since coming to the Dbacks and is hitting .225 coming over the to the Dbacks.

Johnson was hitting .209 at the time of his departure.  So the deal is kind of a who cares.  Maybe the tide will change though with Hill.  One could hope.  There is also John McDonald who could provide some shortstop relief and spell Willie Bloomquist.  I think the trade might be more about that.  However, Johnson was not doing much lately except striking out.  Maybe a change of scenery will do him good.

As for Aaron Hill, hopefully he doesn’t have fans running for the hills after the next five weeks.