Diamondbacks News

Thirty-One Games Till the End for the Dbacks

By Scott Allen

Now, the home stretch.  The Arizona Diamondbacks come home after their last extra-long road trip of the season.  They will play 19 of their last 31 games at home.  Now mind you I would not be surprised to see less attendance over the last 19 games than the past couple of days in Williamsport, Pennsylvania at the Little League World Series.  Bottom line, get out to the park people.  I will be there for at least three of those games at the minimum.

The Dbacks have home and home series with each National League West team, starting this weekend with the San Diego Padres, who play seven games at Chase over two of the next three weekends.  Get used to seeing them.  The Dbacks will play 10 of the last 31 against the Padres.  They have six against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Colorado Rockies, and San Francisco Giants and just one series left this season outside of the NL West, and that’s a three-game series against the Pittsburgh Pirates at home. The last nine games for the Dbacks are at home, after playing 12 of 16 on the road.

So, although the schedule makers have not been too kind to the Dbacks at times, including making them play a night game back east before traveling cross-country for a home game tomorrow night, playing the last nine at home, including three against the Giants, will loom large in the end most likely.  I’m looking forward to it.  Are you?