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Dbacks Roster Review: Ryan Roberts

By Scott Allen

With now just 30 games left in the regular season, we are in the home stretch, the final quarter of the 2011 season. It is time to review the current Arizona Diamondbacks roster to look at what they’ve accomplished, where they are now, and what they can provide, if anything, in the final few weeks of the National League West pennant race. Next up: Ryan Roberts

What he’s accomplished: Started off red hot.  In April people were even talking about him making the All-Star team.  Then he quickly came back to Earth in May when the stats came back to your average everyday player.

What he’s doing now: Hitting .260 with 16 HR and 50 RBI, but hasn’t had an RBI in two weeks now since his three-run homer against the New York Mets. He’s still hustling and working hard, but only productive results will tell his tale.

What he means to the Dbacks run to the pennant: As long as he gets on base, he’s a threat.  Sometimes he’s too aggressive for his own good, so he will need to keep his head in the game at all times to be effective.