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Dbacks Cowgill Finally Comes Through

By Scott Allen

The Arizona Diamondbacks Collin Cowgill can hit.  I think.  The other day I was knocking him for his hitting.  Although this is just one game, he has proven finally he can hit Major League hitting.  He went 4-4 on Sunday, which included his first home run and a double.  Both were his first extra-base hits since being recalled from AAA Reno.

Still hitting .200 even after his 4-4 day, hopefully this is the sign of things to come, especially if manager Kirk Gibson is insistent on continuing to throw him out in left field as much as Gerardo Parra.  Apparently, a trip to a sports psychologist was what helped.  Hey, whatever it takes as far as I’m concerned.

My hope is that if Cowgill can continue to produce consistently like he did today, the Dbacks will be in a position to bring him off the bench when Parra is playing and Gibson can continue to throw him out there in the most important games.  This is just one game though.  I was ready to send him packing less than a week ago.  I want to see more.

Now that doesn’t mean he needs to go 4-4 everyday.  That’s unrealistic.  However, he needs to consistently produce.  Not just singles either.  Extra base hits.  Walks.  Hitting with runners in scoring position.  All of that needs to be in the final results.  Hopefully it will continue.