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Dbacks Approaching September: Time to Get Things Started

By Scott Allen

The Arizona Diamondbacks need to make out like the Muppet Show and get things started in the stretch run for the National League West title.  Just one thing though, let’s hope they don’t hit the dynamite trigger half-way through the month of September and let the experienced San Francisco Giants get to them.  Now is the time to blow them up, not themselves.  Right now a four-game lead going into tonight’s play.

If the Dbacks can’t complete the season with a division title, then they might as well go the way of Gonzo – no, not that one, the Muppets one.  You know, where his Muppet Show trumpet intro always goes awry?  Yeah that one.  Let’s also not make this season a bad dream like OK GO makes it out to be in the end of this video.  Go get em’ Dbacks!