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Dbacks Roster Review: Collin Cowgill

By Scott Allen

With now just 28 games left in the regular season, we are in the home stretch, the final quarter of the 2011 season. It is time to review the current Arizona Diamondbacks roster to look at what they’ve accomplished, where they are now, and what they can provide, if anything, in the final few weeks of the National League West pennant race. Next up: Collin Cowgill

What he’s accomplished: Not much up until yesterday.

What he’s doing now: After his 4-4 yesterday, which included a double and a home run, both firsts for him this season and his short career, brought up up to .200.   Cowgill went and saw a sports psychologist so maybe that will help him continue what he started yesterday.

What he means to the Dbacks run to the pennant: If he produces more consistently like he did yesterday, he’ll be a great platoon player with Gerardo Parra.  He needs to keep showing what he has though.  One game does not make a star.