Diamondbacks News

Don’t Question Kirk Gibson

By Scott Allen

Arizona Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson is something else.  Every time, well almost every time, he makes a move that I question, it pays off.  Like when he interchanges the lineup more often than Nancy Grace or Glenn Beck spews idiotic comments, that I’ve questioned more than once this season.  How about the time he sat Justin Upton during that long losing streak of six games the Dbacks broke last week?  Yeah, things like that.

Quite honestly I thought Gibby would be keeping me on my toes thanks to colorful post-game press conferences this season after a lot of losses.  Instead it has been his actions on the field that has kept me on my toes and that is just fine by me.

Early in the season, his press conferences were like stand-up comedy and I couldn’t wait.  I even DVR’d some of them.  Now, he still adds interesting comments from time to time, but now he is getting the last laugh with every move he makes.