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Dbacks Show Restraint in Not Retaliating

By Scott Allen

Justin Upton got hit on Wednesday night, again.  For the 16th time this season, the Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder got hit by a pitch.  It almost looked intentional, again.  However, being as mature as he has shown in the past, Upton walked it off.  The next hitter, Miguel Montero got the payback for him with a three-run homer.  That is how the Dbacks roll these days.

The Diamondbacks as a whole have really shown some great restraint and for what I believe is a great reason – they are in the middle of a pennant race and can’t risk suspensions and/or injuries.  I’m ok with that.  As much as you like to see a team get their retribution, the best payback is by putting runs on the board.

It is almost an unwritten rule that a team retaliates when someone gets plunked and it seems it was on purpose.  However, these Dbacks know what the task at hand is.  They can ill-afford to have anyone, especially Upton removed for several games because of a simple plunk, although in his case, 16 plunks.  A mature team this is and their record clearly reflects that.