Diamondbacks News

Parra Heeding the Advice of Gibby

By Scott Allen

Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Gerardo Parra is doing what manager Kirk Gibson wanted him to do….listening to him and heeding advice.  Parra has sat down for a few games over the past couple of weeks in favor of Collin Cowgill.  The reason?  Sure, his batting average was still over .280.  However most of hits lately had been singles and not producing anything of consequence and Gibby made sure the media knew about it when asked.

Parra was listening.  Now he’s had some big hits over the past week.  Getting the extra-base hits he was asked to get.  Getting RBI’s when he can, not always, but he has a couple since the benchings.  Fact is, he’s producing and that’s all Gibby wanted.

Tonight he has two hits, a double and triple.  Last night?  Three hits, just a home run shy of the cycle.  Just another example of a guy playing Gibby ball.