Diamondbacks News

Sean Burroughs Starting to Warm Up, Finally

By Scott Allen

For the past couple of months, I…we’ve all been waiting for the Arizona Diamondbacks Sean Burroughs to come around and start hitting.  He was tearing up Reno before his call up earlier this season.  I pretty much though had given up on him.  I’m glad though he hasn’t given up.  Another big add-on RBI tonight in the 6th on a pinch-hit single.

Not only is Burroughs coming through at the plate, however he also seems to be one of the biggest cheerleaders on the bench on days he isn’t playing.  He’s got his head into the game, even if his body, bat, and glove aren’t.  The Dbacks are going to continue to need that from Burroughs here down the stretch.

Burroughs is 8 for his last 21, now hitting .271.  I’ll be honest the next time I thought I would hear of Burroughs hitting .271 was in the Eric Byrnes Memorial Softball League.  I’m glad it came much sooner.  I will continue to be hard on him though if he regresses.  This teams needs all the veteran help it can get down the stretch and that includes more than just being a cheerleader on the bench.