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September Pennant Drive, the Final 25: Dodgers vs. Dbacks

By Scott Allen

The Arizona Diamondbacks have made it to September.  They have a six game lead on the San Francisco Giants.  Now it is time to take a look at the final 25 games in the Dbacks attempt to win the National League West.  Now moving on to the last series of the regular season against the Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dbacks may have this division wrapped up at this point, so I would expect the Dbacks to be resting some players, maybe, or just ramping up for the playoffs.  I’m going to give the Dodgers pitching though the edge going out to the off-season.  It could go either way of course, but the pressure is off for at least a few days.

Prediction: Dbacks win one of three, finish the season 94-68.  94 Wins.  90 probably wins the division, 94 makes it the best season in 9 years.