Diamondbacks News

Not the Time for Dbacks to Play Call-Ups

By Scott Allen

I get it.  It’s September.  Rosters can be expanded.  However there is a time to use certain players and a time not to use certain players.  One of those not-so-good times for the Arizona Diamondbacks to use call-ups is in the middle of a tight game against your rival who is chasing you from behind in a pennant race.  That team behind you, the San Francisco Giants, are experienced and will put a hand on your throat.  Tonight, they tried their best choke hold.  Game one to the Giants.

I know manager Kirk Gibson wants to see what certain players can do in tight, pressure situations.  He’s done it all season, especially with pitchers. He did it with Ryan Cook earlier this season.  He wanted to see what the first-timer could do in an extra-inning affair.  He didn’t fair so well his first time out.  Tonight, he brought out Sam Demel, just recalled from AAA.  Demel is not a Major League pitcher and again proved it tonight.

Against the San Diego Padres, the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Those are the teams Gibby should be seeing what his call-ups can do.  That is the time to experiment.  The time to experiment is not when your team is down 4-2 to the Giants, in San Francisco, and they are one swing away from pretty much closing the door on a win possibility.  Yeah, see, that one swing happened and it was all she wrote Friday night.

This isn’t pessimism coming from me, however it is a reality check.  The Dbacks got a good dose of it tonight.  The Giants aren’t going away anytime soon.  Oh, and their offense, yeah if Carlos Beltran starts hitting consistently like he did tonight, going 4-4, watch out.