Diamondbacks News

With Magic Number at 7, No Time for Dbacks to Let up

By Scott Allen

It has been suggested by many over the past few days that the NL West race is all but a foregone conclusion.  Hardly.  Just remember who is chasing you, the world champion San Francisco Giants.  Sure, they are 8.5 games back headed into tonight, but anything can happen until the baseball gods say it is over.  By over, I mean the magic number is 0.  Right now, the Arizona Diamondbacks are trailing the Los Angeles Dodgers in LA.  So, anything can happen.

The Dbacks though won’t let up.  That’s not in their character.  They’ve kept the foot on the pedal, even in games they get down in.  They proved that again on Sunday when down 7-0, they came back to make it a 7-6 game against the San Diego Padres with a couple of opportunities to score before falling.

I know we all want this to be official sooner than later, including me.  We must remember though just because we want it and we have the better team, these other teams just won’t lay down for us.  you don’t want that either.  You’d rather just go into the playoffs flying high.  You want some nice momentum headed into the postseason.

After tonight, one more road series and then home to finish off the last nine games of the season.  Sounds good to me.