Diamondbacks News

Goal Should be to Win it All, However Playoff Celebration Ok

By Scott Allen

Although I certainly understand the sentiment and the rational behind the Philadelphia Phillies not celebrating after clinching a playoff spot today, I still think you can respectfully celebrate the fact you’ve just been awarded one of four playoff spots in your league.  I know the Phillies thought is they are there to win it all.  Seriously, I get it.  I just think sometimes teams get a little to into themselves to realize the impact of not celebrating on others.  You can still celebrate and act like you’ve been there before.

The Phillies barely even cracked a smile when they won today.  I mean, c’mon guys, at least be happy about going to the playoffs.  You can’t win it all unless you make it to the playoffs first.  Even the Atlanta Braves teams on that great 14-year playoff run would celebrate respectfully.  It’s more about the fans you are playing for.  Fans get excited seeing celebrations, although I imagine there is really no one upset in Philly tonight that the team chose to just treat today like any other day.

I guarantee that will not be happening here in Arizona.  The Diamondbacks will be celebrating.  Of course they’ve not been to the playoffs in four years.  It’s different.  Again, I get it.  I just hope the Phillies remember they play for the fans.  The fans are the ones paying the price to be at the game.  I can imagine there were some fans in Houston today hoping to go to the game to see a celebration if Philly won.  The fans ultimately are the ones who get robbed.  I make no apologies for my feelings on that issue.

That being said, it could be just a few days before the Dbacks are celebrating their fifth playoff appearance in their 14 seasons. Bring it on!