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Notion that Kershaw Ejection Hurts Cy Young Chances is Ridiculous

By Scott Allen

When the Los Angeles Dodgers Clayton Kershaw was ejected from last night’s game against the Arizona Diamondbacks, my first thought was good, he deserved it after his jawing on Tuesday night.  Dodgers fans first thought was that Major League Baseball just screwed Kershaw out of a possible Cy Young Award.  That is just a ridiculous thought.  Anyone so short sighted on placing the value of a season long award on a short five inning stint due to ejection, is either ridiculous or plain stupid.  I would say it’s a little of both. For someone to suggest it might just be stupider.

Give the voters some credit.  Is a respected professional really going to give his Kershaw vote to Roy Halladay because Kershaw got ejected from a game he was dominating in the sixth inning?  Please.  If you think that, give up your sports fan and reality cards now.  If someone actually does that, and you’ll never get someone to admit so anyway, would you really want that stupid guy’s vote in the first place?

Kershaw clearly has the best overall numbers.  Now, contrary to what Los Angeles Times columnist Bill Plaschke said today, Kershaw’s ejection also doesn’t give him an edge over anyone else either.  It should be a NON-ISSUE when it comes to Cy Young voting.

Let’s all get back to reality here.  Ian Kennedy probably killed his chances on Tuesday night but Kershaw did not help or hurt his cause on Wednesday.  I think at this point most voters have a pretty good idea who they are going to vote for anyway with most of these guys only getting a couple more starts each before the season ends week after next.