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Dbacks Shoutout, Lose Game in Standings to Brewers and Giants

By Scott Allen

That magic number?  Yeah it’s still six and you know what?  Continue to play offense like tonight and the Arizona Diamondbacks may magically find themselves out of a playoff spot.  They get shutout for the fourth time this season in a 2-0 loss to the San Diego Padres.  They had better watch out, the San Francisco Giants have caught fire again.  They’ve scored a lot of runs this week and have won six in a row. The Milwaukee Brewers also won on Friday night to take a one-game lead over the Dbacks for home field advantage.

Although six games is a pretty nice cushion, it can’t get too comfortable.  The Dbacks have been talking the past couple of days like the postseason is a forgone conclusion.  I certainly believe there will be a team in San Francisco who might want a say in that.  If you’re a Giants fan don’t give up.  Don’t give up on the Dbacks either for that matter.  They just need to go out and produce because right now, they are just mailing it in on offense and it’s disappointing to see at this point.