Diamondbacks News

Dbacks Lose Again, NL West Lead on Verge of Dropping to 5 Games

By Scott Allen

The Arizona Diamondbacks have found the worst time to find themselves in a rut.  They lost their third game in a row, while the San Francisco Giants are getting ready to beat the Colorado Rockies Saturday night, which would drop the Dbacks lead to five games with 10 games left.  The Dbacks offense is on vacation and it isn’t looking like it is ready to return anytime soon after their loss to the San Diego Padres 3-1.

The Dbacks offense managed five hits, same as Friday night, a game in which the Dbacks were shutout for only the fourth time all season.  Pressing or not, these guys are feeling the pressure.  Chris Young should have kept his mouth shut Wednesday afternoon on the radio when he told Arizona Sports 620 that the Dbacks were National League West Champs.  He should be one to look himself in the mirror.  He is hitting .230 and producing absolutely nothing.

Now the Dbacks have one road game left tomorrow in San Diego and then come home for the last nine.  Unfortunately, it now appears as if the Giants series is going to mean something and that could spell trouble for the Dbacks.  You don’t want this team backing into the playoffs.  The Dbacks are the type of the team that needs momentum going into the playoffs.  If they back into the postseason, it won’t be pretty and most likely three and out no matter who they would face in the National League Division Series.