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Dbacks Rely on Their MVP’s to Reduce Magic Number to 4

By Scott Allen

So, the offense struggled, again.  Not good when your opponent is the Pittsburgh Pirates, a team coming off getting raked in Los Angeles this past weekend.  The Arizona Diamondbacks, led by Ian Kennedy‘s gem, got a 1-0 victory over the Pirates.  Kennedy, achieved his 20th win of the season, struck out 12 and lowered his ERA to 2.88.  The lone run?  That would be Justin Upton‘s solo shot in the sixth inning.  Tonight, it was all they needed.  That and the 42nd save of the season from closer J.J. Putz.  Tomorrow could be a different story.

The Dbacks offense hasn’t been mind blowing for great parts of the season, but at least they were scoring.  Now, they are struggling to score runs against teams like the San Diego Padres and the Pirates.  It’s a little concerning heading into a possible post-season.

You know though, it is all about the bottom line.  Bottom line tonight?  The won, and at the end of the day that is all that matters.  Dbacks won’t be able to win playoff games 1-0, so hopefully these bats wake up soon.