Diamondbacks News

The Day After the Clinch: No Time to Take Foot Off Pedal

By Scott Allen

The Arizona Diamondbacks have won the National League West.  This much we know now.  However, the Dbacks still have something to play for.  They have a little thing called home field advantage to play for in the National League Division Series.  They are currently one game back of the Milwaukee Brewers for the better record.  They only need to tie the Brewers in order to gain the upper hand on them because the Dbacks beat the Brew Crew 4-3 this season.

Right now as it stands, it appears the Atlanta Braves will win the wild card.  Since they are in the same division as the Philadelphia Phillies, they can not play each other in the first round.  That leaves the next best team to play them.  If the Dbacks do not finish with a better record than the Brewers, off to Philly they go next weekend.

After the Dbacks clinched last night, even the players themselves along with manager Kirk Gibson said it was no time to let up.  Not only do they have home field to play for, they also need to go into next weekends playoff with some momentum.  Last thing they need is to be limping into the postseason.

Ian Kennedy starts the first post-clinch game, attempting to win his 21st game of the season.  That should be motivation enough to go out there and beat the San Francisco Giants again.