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Dbacks Seem Ok With Going to Philadelphia to Start Playoffs

By Scott Allen

When the Arizona Diamondbacks announced that Jerrod Parker, the just called up Parker, who is making his major league debut, that pretty much said the Dbacks were happy with where they stood in the standings, even though they still have a shot to overtake the Milwaukee Brewers for the better record and gain home-field advantage in the divisional series.  Even after last night’s loss, Parker still gets the call.  The Dbacks actions have led me to conclude they are ok playing at the Philadelphia Phillies this weekend. 

I’m excited to see Parker, don’t get me wrong.  I think he’s going to be phenomenal down the road.  He’s most likely going to fight for a starting rotation spot in 2012.  I see what the Dbacks are doing though.  They want a look see now while a playoff spot is already secured.

However, that being said, wouldn’t you want to give yourself the best chance to win with a chance still at home field?  I know I would.  I’m not going to question it too much though because I wonder if this is a Kirk Gibson decision or someone else’s decision? I’ve said I’ve learned not to question Gibby.  Maybe Parker comes out and maybe he is the best option to win at this point in the rotation? I don’t know, I’m not in the Dbacks close circle of trust.   

I do know this – lose tonight, you can pretty much forget on getting any home field advantage in the divisional series.  Milwaukee is not getting swept by the Pittsburgh Pirates at home.