Diamondbacks News

Dbacks On the Brink of Elimination

By Scott Allen

Sunday ended just as Saturday did for the Arizona Diamondbacks.  They lost to the Milwaukee Brewers 9-4 in a game that really was the tale of three games.  Early on it appeared the Dbacks were going to be dominated again with timely hitting by stars and umpiring that left a lot to be desired.  Then with a comeback, it appeared there was new life to the Dbacks.  Then, a bullpen that who knows where it came from, imploded to get wiped out by the sixth inning.

Brewers starter Zack Greinke looked like a pitcher working on three days of rest.  He got away with early inning trouble when Aaron Hill hit a double down the line, a ball that was clearly fair, that was called foul.  It was unfortunate because it shaped the outcome of the entire inning.

By the time the Brewers took a 2-0 lead, it looked like deja vu.  Then the Dbacks staged another comeback.  2-0 became 2-1 with a Paul Goldschmidt homer in the second.  Then Milwaukee returned the scoring favor by adding another two runs and were up 4-1.

The Dbacks, as always though, failed to give up.  Chris Young, who went 3-5 on Sunday, hit a home run.  Then a two run shot by Justin Upton in the sixth inning tied the game.  It was new life and it seemed as if maybe the tides were turning.  Then came the bottom of the sixth.  It was ugly and that is putting it nice.  Before the damage was done, it was 9-4, which is how it ended.

Now the Dbacks come home for game three on Tuesday night.  All you can do is hope they take it one game at a time at this point.  I still have faith they can win both games at home.  Let’s just get by Tuesday right now.  Joe Saunders will take the mound on Tuesday night.