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Dbacks Start Off-Season, Looking Forward to 2012

By Scott Allen

As Arizona Diamondbacks players were cleaning out their lockers on Saturday, many of us couldn’t help but think what could have been.  However after much more thought, it seems to be what more is there to come?  The Diamondbacks goal at the beginning of the season was to just compete, play hard and hope to be around .500.  They did well more than that, winning the National League West and finishing 26 games about .500.  Now, with this experience under their belts and very talented youngsters waiting in the wing to do their thing, the future certainly looks bright for the Dbacks.  How they wouldn’t be the favorite to win the West next season would be beyond me.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll look at each position and player and look ahead to 2012.  I truly think 2011 was just an appetizer for the next several years.  I won’t come out and say the division is theirs for the foreseeable future as there is a lot of talent in the division, but I love their chances as long as they don’t make a ton of changes.

Some changes will be in order no doubt and after the World Series I’m sure the Dbacks, as will many others, take a look at their rosters and see where upgrades or changes need to be made.  The Dbacks will be no exception.  They could benefit from another power hitter in the lineup, one who can also hit for average.  The sentiment seems to be upgrading the third base position.  We’ll see.

The starting rotation could look different on the back end.  Ian Kennedy, Daniel Hudson, and Josh Collmenter seem to be the only sure things right now.  That still leaves two spots open.  The bullpen should remain largely in tact.  You see a lot of teams disband after falling short in the playoffs.  This team won’t be one of them.

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