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Once Again, Pujols Would be Great, but Not Right for Dbacks

By Scott Allen

When St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols was going crazy going 5-6 with three home runs and six RBI in Game 3 of the World Series on Saturday night, everyone was chiming in on Twitter how the Dbacks should go after him. While the thought of having Pujols in an Arizona Diamondbacks uniform sounds just fabulous, let’s not forget a couple of things. First, he will cost a ton of money, money the Dbacks probably don’t have. Secondly, the Dbacks are set at first base and need to give some guy named Paul Goldschmidt a chance to bloom.

Don’t get me wrong, watching Pujols the other night left me salivating too, but Goldschmidt is exciting to watch as well.  Give him time and I think he can be a consistent .300 hitter with power as well.  Of course he’ll never be Pujols, however he can produce offensive numbers at a lower price.  Let’s also not forget Goldschmidt is over seven and a half years younger than Pujols as well.  Goldie will be around a lot longer than Pujols will be.

If you can find a different position for Pujols, say like third base, and he is willing to move from first base, plus if the Dbacks can find the money to pay him without compromising the current roster, then I say definitely go for it.  Pujols still has a lot to give, but Goldie is the future.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, grass ain’t always greener on the other side.