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Arizona Diamondbacks Roster Review: Justin Upton

By Scott Allen

So the mourning period for the Arizona Diamondbacks 2011 season is over.  Ok, so we haven’t finished this postseason yet, however for the Dbacks it is never too early to start looking ahead to 2012, especially since the season starts in like 18 seconds.  It’s a short off-season.  We are just shy of four months till pitchers and catchers report.  So it is time to review the current roster, look at what they did in 2011 and what the prospects are for 2012.  Next up: Justin Upton

2011 review: Upton, who was dangled on the trading block in the last off-season, played like a man who got the message in 2011.  After flirting with .300 all season and hitting 31 home runs, he was hands down the Dbacks MVP.  He came through time after time.  Whether it was a walk off home run or a big hit in a crucial situation, he came through quite often.  Sure, he made some boneheaded defensive plays in right field, however the good far outweighed the bad in 2011.

2012 preview:  Now comes the part where Upton shows consistency.  In fact, I expect him to even play better because not only are the Dbacks counting on it, he has the potential to pass 2011 numbers fast.  It’s a matter of him staying focused, staying healthy, and keeping a good head on his shoulders. His showed great restraint after getting hit a ton of times in 2011.  He finds ways to get on base and in 2012 you should see a lot more.

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