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Dbacks Fans, the 2011 Season is Now Officially Over for Everyone

By Scott Allen

For the Arizona Diamondbacks, the season ended three weeks ago, however for everyone it ended last night with the St. Louis Cardinals World Series win.  Before we get into the many moves teams will start making next week once free agency starts, let’s take a quick look back at what things of the 2011 season I will miss and won’t miss.

What I will miss from 2011:

I will miss the Dbacks coming out of nowhere to win the National League West.  Next season will not be so much of a surprise and teams will be gunning for them now.

I will miss Ian Kennedy‘s domination.  21-4 is pretty impressive.  It will be interesting to see if he can duplicate the effort next season.

I will miss the rookie campaign’s of Josh Collmenter and Paul Goldschmidt.  Now we know what to expect, both are now going to head into their second season.

I will miss the amazement on the faces of national media everytime someone positive happened for the Dbacks.

I will miss all the walk-offs this team had.

I will miss the 2011 season plain and simple.  It had a lot of drama, alot of excitement.  I think this post season brought some people back to the sport.

I will miss Wily Mo Pena

What I will not miss:

  • Justin Upton getting beaned every night
  • Umpires missing calls like it’s cool.  Never seen as many missed calls as I saw this year, not just against the Dbacks either.
  • Juan Gutierrez, Esmerling Vasquez, Aaron Heilman, and Juan Miranda
  • Bad television play-by-play calling
  • The wave
  • Empty seats at Chase Field
  • Beast Mode
  • Bad base-running
  • Over-managing by Jim Tracy, Don Mattingly, Bud Black, and Clint Hurdle

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