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Dbacks Must Prioritize Off-Season Wish List

By Scott Allen

The Arizona Diamondbacks wish list shouldn’t be too long in the off-season, however they should have one filled out and it should be prioritized.  General Manager Kevin Towers job shouldn’t be as tough in this off-season as it was in his last.  It is a short off-season though, so hopefully by now the Dbacks have an idea in which direction they need to go.

First thing is first.  They should re-sign Aaron Hill, otherwise they will be left scrambling for a second baseman in free agency.  I don’t know if there is a better option at this point.  I realize the notion of not wanting to over pay for six weeks of performance, at the same time though, you gotta do something.

Secondly, find your next power hitter, one who hopefully can hit for average though.  Spend the money.  I realize it will probably take more than the team wants to spend, but if you want to play, you must pay.

Then, determine what you want to do with the back-end of the rotation.  This may not be determined until spring training though.  Trevor Bauer looks to try to find a spot.  Jarrod Parker as well.

Other than that, maybe fill a spot or two in the bullpen, otherwise, nothing else needs to be done.  The only other move might not be able to be made until spring as well.  That one includes injured shortstop Stephen Drew.  We will need to see how much he has healed and see if he can even play shortstop anymore.

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