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Dbacks Looking to Get Hill Contract Done

By Scott Allen

Arizona Diamondbacks general manager Kevin Towers said on Friday on Sports620 KTAR that he would love to get Aaron Hill‘s contract done by next week so he can go concentrate on the rest of the team.  Hill, in my opinion, is the key to the entire off season movement the Dbacks plan on making.  Hill wants his money, but others do as well.  The biggest obstacle seems to be years though, not dollars.  However Towers sounded optimistic something will get done real soon.  Hill would add yet another infielder in the mold, creating quite a log jam, but without knowing the status of Stephen Drew, it is understandable.

Hill should have been the first guy re-signed I thought based on his contributions in the last six week and in the postseason.  He plays solid defense and looks to have found new life in the National League in Arizona.  You don’t have to give him the world, but throw him a bone.  I mean, John McDonald got re-signed.  Hill is a bigger commodity in my mind.

Whatever the case is, I am glad Towers is trying to get this done.  At one point, I was not sure there was a chance the Dbacks would re-sign Hill and would just let him walk away.

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