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Dbacks Receive Decent Playoff Payout

By Scott Allen

The Arizona Diamondbacks received their playoff shares for making it to the 2011 postseason.  It is being reported they voted on 52 full shares at $26,674.74.  The amount is determined where they finish and how they did at the gate in their home games.  As you know, the Dbacks only sold out one of their two playoff games against the Milwaukee Brewers.  So, it does prove a fans attendance directly impacts how much a player receives.

The Dbacks weren’t the only NL West team to receive postseason money though.  Apparently the second place team in each division not to make the playoffs receive a 1% bonus as well or about $10,000 per player.  Amazing, so the San Francisco Giants still received some money, although I’m sure the Dbacks won’t be complaining.

For point of reference, it was reported the World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals earned north of $321,000 each.  Nice.  Very nice, although they earned more for their 2006 Championship at a reported $368,000 each.

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