Diamondbacks News

Winter Meetings on the Horizon for Dbacks

By Scott Allen

The Arizona Diamondbacks should probably not be making as much noise at the 2011 MLB Winter Meetings as they did at the 2010 meetings, although I think they still do make some noise.  What they eventually decide to do is just a best guess at this point.  I know general manager Kevin Towers has said he would like to add depth in the starting rotation and then other possible free agents.  That being said, he has said he’d be good with what they have now.  My gut says he still makes a move or two though.

It is a nice problem not to have this year though.  I think it would be hard to just go all out status quo.  I think adding some more veteran leadership to the club would benefit all the young players, although now you have guys like Justin Upton, Chris Young, and Miguel Montero who are the veterans.  They’ve all been in the league at least five years and have been to the postseason twice.

I think it still benefits even them though to bring in some older guys who have not necessarily been around the block several times, but someone who has made a nice journey through baseball so far.  Who that person is remains to be seen.