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Arizona Diamondbacks Fall League Review: Bryan Woodall

By Scott Allen

The 2011 Arizona Fall League season has now ended, so it is now time to review just how the Arizona Diamondbacks organizational participants performed.  Next we look at Bryan Woodall, pitcher.  The 6’1 righty’s current team is Mobile. Let’s take a look at how Woodall did in this season’s league.

Stats: 0-0, 4.14 ERA, 14 games

Review:  He struck out 15 batters in his 14 appearances however batters averaged .306 against him.  That to me is a tad high for a reliever, but I think the benefit of the doubt could be provided given the types of players he was facing.

Outlook: Right now just looks like another reliever waiting for his turn.  Doesn’t blow people away, average numbers.  Hard to say when he gets his chance at the big league level.

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