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Arizona Diamondbacks Could be Very Quiet at Winter Meetings

By Scott Allen

With Major League Baseball’s Winter Meetings set to start this upcoming week, there should be a lot of noise being made around baseball with the number of major free agents that still need to be signed.  This is the place where teams also look to make deals.  Last year, the Arizona Diamondbacks were very busy at the meetings.  This year, not so much.  The Dbacks could still make a little noise by trying to find that extra bat or starting pitcher, but the Dbacks feel as if they are for the most part set.  I just hope the Dbacks find a way to improve on the deficiencies they had in 2011 that kept them from advancing in the playoffs.

Last year the Dbacks made some great moves in the off-season.  Those moves helped the Dbacks win the NL West in 2011.  However that didn’t mean the Dbacks didn’t have room to improve.  They definitely have spots they can improve in.

Depth in the starting rotation gets thin if they do not re-sign Joe SaundersJosh Collmenter still has to work on durability issues.  It would be great for the Dbacks to find another veteran starter in the rotation.  That being said, they shouldn’t sign someone for the sake of signing someone.

Adding a bat could also be important.  The Dbacks offense did stall at times during the season.  They relied a lot on the long ball and I see no reason to believe they won’t again in 2012, however they still need to find someone that has a good balance between power and average.  This should be an interesting week.