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Dbacks Offer Deal to Overbay, Mum is Still the Word

By Scott Allen

Lyle Overbay, who came to the  Arizona Diamondbacks late in the 2011 season to provide some bench power and to assist in the development of Paul Goldschmidt, has received an offer from the Dbacks.  The offer is a one-year deal.  On Tuesday the Dbacks heard back from the Overbay camp but no firm answer was given.  The Dbacks are optimistic he will accept the offer.  I am not so sure.

Overbay wants to start.  He won’t get a full-time starting gig in Arizona with Goldschmidt on the rise.  It would still be good to have a solid veteran backup to Goldie, but in my opinion it doesn’t necessarily have to be Overbay, however he does provide continuity from last season.

Goldschmidt needs to be given the most opportunities to show what he can do.  Nothing against Overbay but Goldie needs to play everyday.  That means very few starts for Overbay.  Will he be ultimately happy with that?  Who knows?  I’m not sure what other opportunities he would have out there.  The offer is for one-year only though, so that could be an issue.  We shall see and it sounds like it could be soon.

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