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Dbacks May Have Faced a Cheating Ryan Braun in Playoffs

By Scott Allen

When Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun was going through the type of season he was going through, at first I dismissed it as a player simply have a career year.  It happens.  Besides Braun is a good player, so it is not beyond the realm of possibility he was just playing above his head.  Then after awhile though, it seemed like a guy like Braun produced the type of numbers that seemed unreal for his type of player.  However, never once did I question everything he was doing was all on his own without any help.  He didn’t appear to be bigger or bulkier than usual.  So, the question begs, was Braun cheating in the National League Divisional Series against the Arizona Diamondbacks?  He learned of his test results sometime in October.

As much as I am not a fan of anyone on the Brewers club, I also know what a black eye this gives baseball.  I do hope the result ends up being the test produced a false positive.  For the sake of the Brewers and baseball, we had better hope his impending 50-game ban is overturned.  Braun is currently appealing the results.

According to ESPN, it could take a month or two for this to get resolved.  My hope is though, if this is a test that did not produce a false positive, then Braun himself come out and be honest with everyone.  He needs to face the music, otherwise it was be prudent for baseball to get this right.  If Braun is not guilty, then they need to make sure they move this process along as quickly as possible in fairness to Braun and the Brewers.

Of course I don’t think even if Braun was cheating would the Dbacks have won the series, however the Dbacks had pretty much everything working against them in the series, including some bad calls in games in Milwaukee.  Braun using performance-enhancing drugs certainly would not help the Dbacks cause.  Right now, we only know he did fail the initial test.  We’ll see what baseball decides.