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Dbacks Sign Jason Kubel

By Scott Allen

So the Arizona Diamondbacks basically gave up on Gerardo Parra as a starter today by signing left fielder Jason Kubel to a two-year contract.  General manager Kevin Towers basically all but handed the starting job to Kubel, saying Parra was never promised anything.  The former Minnesota Twins outfielder is a career .271 hitter and had a subpar 2011 season.  Parra hasn’t been a world beater at the plate, however given his arm, his gold glove arm, and his .292 batting average in 2011, you wonder what a guy has to do and why the Dbacks wanted to replace him?

Now, Parra is still wanted, apparently.  However, he is now the fourth outfielder.  I don’t get it.  Sure, the power numbers are down, but why does he need to be a power guy?  The Dbacks already have power in their lineup.  I also would not like to see him moved to center in place of Chris Young unless you are getting something good in return.  It would be hard to move Young I think given his contract.

The Dbacks could be looking at the performance of Parra in the playoffs, where he failed to get a hit until his double in game five against the Milwaukee Brewers.  However, the issues in that series ran deeper than the lack of Parra’s hitting.  Most likely Parra gets moved in my opinion.  I don’t know how you keep a guy like that on the bench.  To me, its disappointing.  I’m not one to complain about a litle competition, but the Dbacks have seemed to hand the starting job to Kubel, which contradicts Towers statement on Parra.

Parra is a fan favorite.  He is young and passionate.  The Dbacks are going to have to prove they knew what they were doing.  Kubel is going to have to do a lot to convince Dbacks fans he is the man to replace Parra.

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