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NL West Gets More Interesting as Rockies Add Scutaro

By Scott Allen

The Arizona Diamondbacks have yet another player in the division to look forward to playing now.  The Colorado Rockies have made yet another move to bolster their offense as they picked up shortstop Marco Scutaro in a trade with the Boston Red Sox.  Scutaro hit .299 in 2011 but he is also a guy who can play some defense.  I consider it a nice pick up for the Rockies.  I look forward to the first match up between the Dbacks and Rockies.

Even with the pick up though I’m still going to consider the San Francisco Giants as the main competition for the Dbacks in 2012, however, as always the Rockies could surprise and sneak up on others.  It will be interesting to see how the team can come together in spring with all the changes in the clubhouse.

This is why I still like the Dbacks for the 2012 division crown.  The Dbacks only added but didn’t subtract and didn’t change the complexion of their team.  The Rockies also added some really great players but lost a few too.  I think it may take till June or July before they catch their new identity.  We know they are a September team historically anyway, so that’s why I say it could still work for 2012 for them.  Adding a guy like Scutaro who has postseason and big game experience is a big plus for the Rockies.

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