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Shortstop Currently an Unknown Position for the 2012 Diamondbacks

By Scott Allen

Word is Arizona Diamondbacks shortstop Stephen Drew is progressing well in his recovery from his gruesome broken ankle at the end of last July that put him out for the remainder of the 2011 season.  However the great unknown is what will happen come spring training and come the regular season.  Questions remain as to when he can get back on the field and if he is able to play, can he even play shortshop?  Only time will tell.

When he does return to the field, Drew may not be able to return to shortstop as it it a position that requires one with great range.  No one yet knows how his range of motion will be.  The other question will be then if he can’t play shortstop, then what do you do with him?  There really doesn’t seem to be open spots elsewhere, however I suppose third base is an option, but would it be as a starter?

Certainly a lot of these questions will be answered over the next two months.  I hope.  That’s the bottom line right there, we all hope.  In the meantime, the Dbacks did secure Willie Bloomquist and John McDonald at short until Drew is able to return full time.  Is that enough to fill the position?  Well, it didn’t exactly hurt the Dbacks in the stretch run, however you do lose some defense and at least the potential for great offense.  Drew wasn’t lighting the world on fire before his injury, so that will be another area of his game to watch once he returns.  We’ll have to just be patient unfortunately.