Diamondbacks News

D-backs Passing Time on Twitterverse

By Scott Allen

The Arizona Diamondbacks will back on the field in full force by the end of February.  For now, they are passing time, some by letting us in on their lives on Twitter.  From time to time I like to check in on what D-backs personnel are doing by checking them out on Twitter.  Tonight outfielder Chris Young ( @CY24_7 ) tweeted out “Music is the perfect therapy for me…Sittin on the couch watching my nephew”.

Brad Ziegler( @bradziegler) tweeted out this morning “park factor is definitely overrated…parks shouldn’t be flipping between pitcher-hitter friendly yr to yr”.

I couldn’t agree more.  Parks should just stay the way they were built.  I couldn’t be happier that the D-backs decided not to move the fences back last year and I’ll bet they are glad too. Ziegler was responding to the news the Philadelphia Phillies signed Chad Qualls, who has a horrible ERA in Citizens Bank Park.

Daniel Hudson, who is golfing tomorrow in the Waste Management Phoenix Open Pro-Am, tweeted “Might try a #TinCup and get drunk tonight before I play tomorrow? Anyone have personal experience with that? Lol #tipsarewelcome”

I would love to go watch a drunk Daniel Hudson on the course.  Sounds like good times!