D-backs Spending Money in Hopes of Repeat Success

By Scott Allen

The plan was to increase payroll this season after the Arizona Diamondbacks won the National League West last season and came within an inning of advancing to the National League Championship Series.  After all, they had success to build on.  They weren’t confident they could bring all the pieces back to make another run, one that will now be expected after last season’s surprise.  However, once it became apparent of the worth of being able to keep most of the 2011 roster in tact, the D-backs made the move to spend more than budgeted, something they had avoided in the past.  They proved that again today by paying more to Miguel Montero and Ryan Roberts than they initially wanted.

The D-backs bucked the trend of teams that overhaul rosters after finding some success in winning, but not enough to win it all.  Many, myself included thought guys like Joe Saunders, John McDonald, Willie Bloomquist, and Aaron Hill were destined to find themselves elsewhere this upcoming season.  All are back with the team in 2012.

Of course the unknown is Stephen Drew, who is returning from a broken leg, which made the decisions on re-signing McDonald and Bloomquist easier, but the fact that everyone signed out of want rather than need, from both sides of the fence, demonstrates this organizations commitment to winning and winning not just this season but in future seasons as well.  This team has a little bit of age on it however for the most part is still young and can be dangerous for years to come.

What having a team like this together does for you as well is that if the team somehow digresses or fails to advance in the playoffs again in 2012, they have pieces that have value that can be moved for next season if need be.  I like the current make-up of the roster right now though.  That’ll do D-backs.  That’ll do.